One of the best add-ons to a pressure washing job can be cleaning the gutters as well.  Most cleaning jobs such as ground, siding or fence work can be followed up with "do you want your gutters cleaned as well?"  The answer is usually a resounding "yes"

But, who wants to get up on the roof and clean gutters or climb to the top of a ladder and scoop by hand........  certainly not me.  Nor do you need to!

A gutter cleaner fixed to the end of a long wand, or telescopic wand, saves most of that high work.  All you need to do is clip on your gutter cleaning accessory and in a few minutes your a hundred bucks richer! Well, in fact, it's not all that easy but it is definitely easier than the alternatives, if you do it right.

First things first.  Make sure your nozzle in the gutter cleaner is big enough so the pressure does not blow stuff into the neighbors yard.  Then, do the gutters first.  Clean whatever your cleaning on the ground after you clean the gutters.  A gutter cleaner can, and will, make one heck of a mess of a newly cleaned driveway or patio!  Another hint..........  if you don't get the job for the groundwork, don't take on the gutters because you will end up doing the ground work for free.