Do you hate climbing on ladders?  Especially with a pressure washer wand that kicks back when you pull the trigger! Sadly, many have experienced the pain of of this combination.

Some times it's necessary to get a little higher to finish that job.  Besides a ladder, what's the alternative?  A telescopic wand can save the day and a lot of broken bones.

To safely clean second storey  walls and gutters get off the ladder and buy a telescopic wand.  You can get them in various lengths and fit all kinds of accessories on the end such as rotary nozzles, rotating brushes, fixed brushes and gutter cleaners.  For more support add a belt kit.

Using a telescopic wand is not always a piece of cake. It takes some practice but when mastered it can be one of the most valuable tools in your accessory box.

With the 12 footer you can reach gutters on a single storey house.  With an 18 footer you can reach the outside of gutters on the second story of a typical house.  The 24 footer, when fully extended, is effective for washing the third floor, provided you can handle it.  Unless your superman I don't recommend this wand.  Not only is it heavy, it's like trying to hold a cooked piece of spaghetti in the air.  There is a belt kit holder available that makes it easier but I still don't recommend the 24 footer.

Another thing........  when you add accessories to the end of the wand it makes it a lot more challenging.  The first time I used a 24 footer I had a rotating nozzle on the end.  I felt like I was in a circus act, balancing an elephant on the end of a stick.  When I went to lay it down it got away from me and landed on a fence, bending itself at the third extension pole.  Maybe that's why I don't recommend the 24 footer!