One of the dirtiest jobs for a pressure washer can end up being the most lucrative.  Why?  Because few want to do it!

I'm talking about cleaning sewer pipes in buildings where all the drains collect in the basement (usually an underground parking lot), before it is directed to the municipal or city sewer lines outside the building.  This waste drains through slightly sloped pipes, making them susceptible to clogging and backing up. 

Many building managers know what can happen when these pipes get clogged and backup into bathrooms and kitchens.  Most well run building managers will preempt problems by having these drains cleaned on a regular basis.

It's a relatively simple process.  Remove the cap from the drain, stick your sewer nozzle in the exposed pipe, attached to your sewer hose which is attached to your pressure washer.  Turn your pressure on and the hose feeds itself into the pipe.  When you get to the end of the pipe slowly pull the hose out of the pipe. Cleaning happens by the reverse shooting nozzles as it comes back. Stand back!  Because of the design of the nozzle much of what was in the pipe, and stuck to the walls of the pipe, will quickly come out the end of the pipe where you are working.

If you have a hot water machine, so much the better.  People and restaurants pour lots of grease down drains which breaks up much easier with hot water.

So, get some good wet gear, gloves, boots, hat, goggles, tetanus shot and go to work making BIG money!

Here are some examples of available nozzles


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