Hot water is the ultimate in pressure washer cleaning.  No other pressure washer accessory will give you the cleaning power of hot water. Generally speaking hot water pressure washing is not for the homeowner but more for the pressure wash contractor, equipment service company, truck fleets and industrial companies with significant cleaning requirements.  For the homeowner with lots of money and the desire for only the best tools... it works.  But the average homeowner would find it difficult to justify the high cost.

Wash your hands with cold water, then with hot water.  Try washing your dishes with cold water.  The difference is dramatic.  The same difference applies to pressure washing with cold water vs. hot water. Combine hot water with some sort of soap or chemical and the difference is even more startling.

Hot water pressure washers will give a contractor a huge advantage over another  contractor using cold water only.  If you are making $50.00 per hour with your cold water machine then you should make $75.00 to $100.00 per hour with a hot water machine.  Not only will your job go faster, you will be onto another job while the cold water guy is still struggling to get his job finished.  The end result with a hot water washer will be better.  You simply can not get the same level of clean with cold water.

Having said that, going to a hot water pressure washer is not easy.  It's certainly not as easy as deciding to get into the Pressure Wash Contracting business in the first place.  Any pickup truck is convenient for packing your cold water stuff around but it's not nearly as easy with a hot water machine  A hot water machine weighs a lot more and takes up more space. Hot water pressure washers use a long coil of heavy wall pipe to transfer heat to pressurized water. They can weight three hundred pounds or more. Getting a hot water machine into the back of a pickup can be done but you need a crane or ramps.  Once you get it into the back of your pickup you can leave it there but that has it's problems too.

So, what's the best way to get started in the hot water pressure washing business?  The simplest, and probably cheapest way, is to buy a trailer and tow it around with your car or truck.  Many of the landscapers trailers are ideal.  Some trailers come enclosed, which are good for security. Remember that a hot water washer has two exhausts, one for the engine and one for the heater.  Both the heater and the engine in an enclosed trailer will need to be vented to the outside.  A landscapers trailer is built low to the ground with a long, low slope, ramp for pushing lawn mowers in and out.  Hot water pressure washers weigh a lot more than a lawn mower so make sure the ramp and carrying capacity of the trailer will handle the weight.  Don't forget to factor in the accessories, tools and fuel.  If you want to carry water in your self contained trailer you will need a significant, and costly, trailer to do it.  Consult with a trailer manufacturer BEFORE YOU BUY THE EQUIPMENT.  

Your next step up is to enclose everything into a cube van style truck.  This is more for the self contained application where the installation of the pressure washer is fixed, rather than portable.  It's a little harder getting a heavy pressure washer off a trailer than out of the back of a truck.

Hot water washer are available in a variety of configurations.  The first thing you want to look at is if you need a modular heater or hot water unit.  A modular heater allows you to use your existing pressure washer, while a self-contained unit is all-in-one, with the pressure washer and heater mounted on a single frame.

You need to decide on what fuel you want to use to power your washer AND burner.  Modular heaters are usually diesel fired and need an outside power source, either AC voltage or DC voltage to run the blower and firing mechanism.  Self-contained hot water pressure washer are usually gas fired engine with diesel fired burner.  They have an onboard electrical system so no outside power source is necessary. Diesel fired engines are available with diesel fired burners but are more costly.  Propane engines and propane burners are convenient but require a pressurized propane source.  Propane is ideal in a truck mount configuration where the truck engine is propane powered.  This gives you the convenience of a single fuel to run the truck, the pressure washer and water heater.

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