There are many other cleaning devices that you can use with quick connectors.  This makes the job of changing from one tool to another relatively simple.

However, its not necessarily click one off and click one on.  If you still have your pressure washer running and want to switch over to another wand it's a problem.  

If you have a trapped pressure unloader on your pressure washer then you have to somehow release the pressure before you can make the switch.  With thousands of pound of pressure in the line you simply will not be able the get the connectors apart, and that's a good thing! So, what to do?  Go to your machine and shut it down, pull the trigger on your gun to release the pressure, switch your wand over, restart your machine and go back to work. Sounds like a big pain to me, especially if time is money.

If you have a flow or soft unloader on you machine it's a bit easier but still a pain.  A flow unloader does not trap a huge amount of pressure in the hose, only minimal.  This allows you to undo the connectors and only get wet, as the water is still flowing.  If you have a hot water machine you now know what I mean by it's still a pain!

OK, is there a better way?  Yes, a high pressure ball valve with quick connectors the same as the ones on your hose, unloader and wands.  You can either have it on the end of your hose, in which case you have to lug it around while you are working.  It's not too bad as I found it counterbalanced the weight of the wand.  Or, you can have it between the unloader and hose which means you have to go back to your machine each time.

To change wands simply turn off the flow with the ball valve, release the pressure, change wands and open the valve.  Pretty simple and time saving.

Make sure you get a valve that is rated for your pressure and NEVER use it as a flow control devise as they are not made for that.  You will wear out the valve in no time if you do.  Use your unloader or engine speed to control flow.

Some devices you can use with quick connectors are:

  • wands of different lengths
  • brushes
  • foamer nozzles
  • sand blast nozzles
  • sewer cleaning hose
  • gutter cleaners
  • surface cleaners
  • water brooms 

Here is a sample of a ball valve kit

This one is rated at 7,000 PSI and is full port so will not restrict the flow when open.