Pressure Washer and Power Washer Business Tips from Powerclean

Now that we have all that shiny new equipment ready it's time to put it to work.  First, if you have little or no experience, try it out on your own place.  Clean the driveway, spiffy up that old fence or wash the house.  Make sure when you do it that the neighbors are home and can see what your doing.  Ask them if they want you to clean their driveway, or house.  If they are well known to you offer to do it for free or give them a discount.  What you want here is machine time and exposure.

Starting in your own neighborhood and working for free or at reduced rates allows you to take a little longer or go back to areas you missed.  Ask the neighbors to be straight with you and critique your work .  That way you will find out if their expectations are as high as yours. Hopefully your expectations are higher. This is important information.

Now you have some experience a jobs under your belt, branch out a little.  Go to the neighbor across the street or the next block over, ones you don't know so well or know at all.  Ask them if they want your driveway cleaned.  Guess what?  Now you have references.  Tell them about your previous jobs in the neighborhood and offer to take them to see your work.  When you get a job, and you will, take a few minutes to knock on the doors of people on each side and across the street where you are working.  Explain to them what you do, your in the area and ask them if they want their driveway or house cleaned.  If not, leave them with a business card.  If they are not home leave a business card and brochure and write something like  "Hello, I am working in your area and just cleaned your neighbors  (driveway, fence, house, deck etc.)  I am offering you a neighbor discount.  For a free estimate please call me."  The key is to use one job to get another.

Without an advertising budget you need word of mouth.  Throughout the building of your business, word of mouth will be your best way to increase sales and promote yourself.  Part of promotion is image.  You are in the cleaning business so start out with clean clothes, a clean vehicle, clean equipment and finish off with a clean job.  If you do this then people will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Once you are familiar with your equipment and the cleaning process, you will want to start looking elsewhere for business.  You can make a good living doing residential work but it is very competitive.  Look around, it's a dirty world.  Many fast food drive through lanes need regular cleaning and quite often issue contacts.  If they are already happy with the job they are getting then leave a card.  Always go back.  Nothing is forever.  There are many reasons for people to change contractors.  It's a matter of being in the right place, at the right time.

This right place right time theory applies to all potential jobs.  When you go to see a property manager, to offer you services to clean a strip mall, and they say they have a contractor and are happy always say you are available at short notice if something changes.  Make sure you go back or call occasionally.  Don't overdue it to the point you get thrown out but be on the verge of being a pest.  Remember, you want to be in the right place at the right time.


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